We offer affordable, reliable and non-polluting electricity.

Our customers make no upfront payment.  We finance, install, own, operate and maintain our power systems.  

In return, our customers pay only for electricity consumed at a savings compared to current power costs.

Recent Press Coverage:

Solar Market Fundamentals Pointing to Increased U.S. Investment in Growth Markets

"The U.S. solar market is long on capital and short on deals. The competitive environment is driving down expected investor returns in
the contiguous 48 states.  This is coupled with the ability of certain solar investors to tap relatively low-cost financing from the capital markets, especially at a time when U.S. solar incentives are, at best, awkward, arcane and perverse... [In growth markets,] investors can currently achieve unlevered returns in the mid-teens or higher."

Centennial Generating Co. Sees Fast-Growing Rwanda as Prime for Commercial Solar

"We were attracted to Rwanda's good governance, rule of law and ... we were looking for a market where we can establish a long-term presence, bring local workers onto our team and add value in terms of offering reliable and affordable access to electricity in a way that reduces emissions."

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