Full Service Business


For customers, Centennial offers an in-house team with end-to-end capabilities. 

For strategic partners such as developers, EPCs and financing platforms, we can fill gaps in any part of the project lifecycle.


sales and customer engagement

Centennial offers a streamlined sales process with projects typically reaching commissioning within 4 months from signing.

Engineering and design

Our experienced engineering team optimizes system value and safety through designs that are compliant with international and local electrical standards.

Equipment procurement

Centennial procures solar modules and inverters only from Tier-1 manufacturers, as determined by Bloomberg New Energy Finance 

Installation and Project Management

Centennial’s Independent Engineer signs off on every installation before it is commissioned. The Committee’s Independent Engineer has led over 125 MW of commercial and industrial solar installations over the past 10 years for Fortune-100 companies. 

Operations & Maintenance

Centennial is responsible for all O&M during the term of the customer agreement. Our online 24/7 project monitoring platform is shared with customers.